Sigma Chi Rounds Out UPenn Experience

Michael Grossman ’99 Can’t Help but Give Back Each Year

If you ask Michael Grossman ’99, Phi Phi was anything but the negative stereotype that most fraternities bear. Instead, he found it to be the perfect balance of everything he was looking for during college. Like for many others, that started with the desire for a smaller, closer-knit community within a school as big as Penn.

“During rush, it became clear to me that Sigma Chi was the community that I wanted to be a part of,” says Michael. “Surrounded by brothers with diverse interests and serious passions pursued outside of the house, but who at the end of the day came together upon common ground for friendship and release at 3809 Locust Walk.”

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Brother Kahl '54 honored as a Significant Sig

The national office announced the latest class of Significant Sigs last week. Not surprisingly, a Phi Phi Brother was once again one of the recipients.

This year’s winner is Dr. James B. Kahl ’54, who’s still practicing medicine in the Cincinnati area. Dr. Kahl becomes the 30th member of Phi Phi to win the award. This also marks the second straight year that a Phi Phi brother has been honored with a Significant Sig designation, as brothers Roger H. Ferger and William B.McIntosh were honored in 2016.

Go here to see the complete list of winners.